Cultural Locations in Burnaby

6 Jan , 2017 Burnaby

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Cultural Locations in Burnaby

Burnaby4 has a high level of cultural interchange and background. As one of the leading cities in the British Columbia, it has a lot of cultural sites of interest. This is our selection of the top places.

Burnaby Village Museum

Parents will find the Burnaby Village Museum a must visit place due to its educational and entertaining characteristics. This place recalls the history of the area. You can get to know how people lived in ancient times. There is also an exhibition of old cars and locomotive machines. It is a fascinating journey to enjoy with the smallest members of the family.

There is a zone that reproduces the way of living in the 17th century. If you want to travel in time, you just found the way to do it.


Simon Fraser University

The Simon Fraser University is not just an excellent academic site. It also gives its visitors some impressive sights both in summer and wintertime. The architecture and landscapes are worth seeing, so don’t forget your camera. The place is safe and suitable for hiking too. You can do some exercise while you enjoy the city!


The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts is recognized as one of the best arts spots in Canada. There exhibits constantly changing, so you can never get tired of it. However, the best of this art center is to learn to do it yourself. You can sign for painting, water coloring, drawing, sculpting, and other forms of arts.

You do not have to be a regular student. They give special classes with guest teachers for a day or two. Check their website to find out what is their current schedule. Kids can develop the artistic skills in this center. They have special classes for all ages in practically any kind of art.


SFU Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology

The archeology and ethnology of the area are represented perfectly in the SFU Museum. It is a small venue, but with an impressive collection of artifacts from ancient times. You will find the whole history of British Columbia in this great exhibition. The oldest traditions of Burnaby are also represented in the collection. All history lovers will be marveled with what they will find inside. The place can be hard to find, but once you are in the area, anybody can give you directions.

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