How can I use beacons in my small business?

15 Dec , 2016 Uncategorized

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Bluetooth beacons are not just one of the most interesting tech devices to be watching out for now; it will completely revolutionize all businesses in just a few years’ time. Retail businesses especially so.


Missing link

Beacons are the missing link in the Internet of things. Yes, beacons are already invented; they are here, but we still need to put them into a million uses. One of the challenges with beacons right now is that there is not one standard software solution for how you can use beacons like iBeacon in your business. If you wanted to use beacons now, you would need to dish out quite a lot of money, hire a team, and hope for the best.


Joint efforts

The best thing that could happen, and most likely will happen in just a little time, is that some giant in the industry will make a product that can make implementing beacons more practical. Yes, Eddystone is one example of a helpful effort. But we need to go further, maybe even hope for a joint effort between central players. Only then will we see beacons used on the scale that will immerse beacons into daily life, and change the way we do things. And this would be fantastic, as beacons may dramatically help your business.


Many uses

And if you do not need to worry about huge development costs, even a small business may take this step into the future, almost right now. Think about some of the uses of beacons. One of the great things is the fact that you can automate a series of functions, like product information, offer delivery, vouchers and other time/place sensitive incentives to buy, check out, etc. The fact that you can get to know your customer much more intimately is also a mind-blowing aspect of beacons. Whole areas of your store may be mapped, like with WiFi heat map software, and people entering these zones will receive the beacon signal.


Software needs

But, again, we need server side software that can help get different information from different databases and put them together as a whole. The day when a small business owner can implement beacons in a relatively complete manner is when beacons will start immersing into small businesses. All kinds of tools are needed to help start this revolution, and developers need to get started right now to make that push. Luckily they are.

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