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8 Apr , 2017 tech

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So, I’m the kind of person who suffers from severe exam anxiety, I get so anxious about my exams. My exams cause so much stress and worry, because I’m always worried that I’m going to watch them. Even if I have a really solid average in that class, I used to worry that even though comment despite this average, that I would still find a way to get a low enough mark on my final exam that I would ruin it and then I would fail and that I would have to leave my program or go on academic probation or something like that. Yes, I realize that this is quite irrational, but that’s just the way my brain works when it comes to exams, it doesn’t always work like this in regards to anything, but when it comes to exams in my University and college programs, and even reaching back to my primary school experiences, I’ve always felt this type of Worry. It’s just been part of my life. However, recently I found a weighted grade calculator, on a website, that is basically just called the final grade percentage calculator, and it will let you know exactly how much percentage points do you need to score on your final exam to maintain whatever average you hope to maintain, or obtain. Basically I can be used to facilitate your ambition, but you can also be used just to communicate minimum requirements that you need to pass. So, it’s pretty versatile, it’s totally accurate. I just checking it out.

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