I bought my girlfriend a day at her favorite Raleigh Spa

7 Mar , 2011 City

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So… I bought my girlfriend a day at her favorite Raleigh Spa for her birthday, and then I realized that I bought her that same gift for her birthday last year so she is super upset with me. I can’t believe I made that mistake, I thought that I had thought of a great idea, but it turns out of tonight dear that I had before. Now I remember that last time I had the idea, when I bought her the gift last year, she really really liked it, which is probably why it was so convinced that it was a good gift idea. Unfortunately, she is now very upset with me. I suppose if I would have asked her “hey,

did you like that gift you got last year, and would you like to get it again?” it would not have been a very big deal, unfortunately since I didn’t ask her anything like that, it became quite clear that I forgot that I had bought it for her in the past, and she felt very upset about this… I think I can understand why, but still I kind of can’t, but I guess that is how men and women are pretty different. I wish I would have been wise in the moment and pretended like it was some kind of plan, but for a while I actually argued that I had bought her that gift for her birthday last year, and I had talked about how last year I bought her this kit she needed for a course she was taking, and wish you remind me that was her birthday 2 years ago, so she was even more upset because it was clear that I forgot her birthday last year, too, and that I was not being very diligent in my memorization of her birthdays. So, she’s pretty upset with me, I have dealt with this in the past but somehow it seems like every time the solution Escapes Me, Or maybe it is just new every single time. Well, what can you do, except for do your best and try and work it out.

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