What are the different kinds of landscape pictures?

1 Mar , 2011 Pictures

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What are the different kinds of landscape pictures?

Landscape pictures are as versatile as the number of landscapes in the world- Infinite. What has made landscape pictures to become so popular is the fact that you find every color, every form and every category of scenery in the form of these pictures. You can explore the world you have not yet travelled, and the sights that you admire. Landscape pictures can be categorized as the following:


Skyscapes are the most popular kind of landscape images. From sunrise to sunset, moonlight falling on the sea and dusk at mountains- watching skyscape images gives you an absolute pleasure. Skyscape images are the most popular with desktop and smartphone wallpapers. They give a sense of imagination and perception and has a healing effect on mind.


The photographers who travel to the wild are not only seeking sceneries but adventure and the unknown. Wildlife images give you a peek into the world of creatures that are not always in sight. Because of such photography, the world has learned so much about the wild life creatures, plants, flowers and more.


The urban landscape images give you a hint of the movement around us.  A traffic jam, an empty street, a cityscape, a party night and more. Urban landscape photography is often used as motivation to reach a goal.


Have you ever wondered how abstract the world around us could be sometimes? If not, then search for the abstract landscape photography. Often times our eyes restrict us to forms, but what camera captures is the larger picture of a formless scene.


Impressionism means capturing a scene as it is. It is sudden and candid. For example, the scenes outside the statue of liberty. The movement in an art gallery, or a university lifestyle. Impressionist landscape images are a perfect timeline of history and heritage.

Which one should you select?

The landscape pictures we select are a reflection of our personality. Because they are so versatile, you can always keep scrolling between the different types of landscape images. If you are in a mood of looking at something soothing, select a beautiful skyscape for your wallpaper. If you want some thrill and passion, go for an urban landscape that would push you to be more active and alive. But if it is adventure you seek, what could be better than dark and dreamy wildlife landscape pictures?


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